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The Spins of the Electric Motor

Espira is a type of electrical circuit that has several functions in the production of magnetic field, electricity and mechanical energy and is a component of electric power generators, electric motors, transformers, inductors and various other devices.

When the loop has the opposite pole to the magnet it is attached to, the force will be of attraction and the movement of the loop will be damped and may result in the end of the movement.

The electric current is a flow of electrons circulating through a conductor, when between its ends there is a potential difference and this difference is called voltage.

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Resistance is the ease or difficulty with which the electric current passes through a conductor. The three concepts of current, voltage and resistance are related to each other, so that by knowing two of them, one can calculate the third through Ohm’s Law.

To avoid stopping the electric motor, we use one end of the fully scraped loop, where the current will pass, and the other half scraped, so that the current only passes through it, causing the loop to move, because of the magnetic force Of repulsion between magnets.

Yield and Service Factor

The maximum performance that the electric motor will present will depend on the materials used in its manufacture and the dimensions of the same. In general, the yield reaches values ​​around 98% for large engines. Low-power single-phase motors have low yields, up to 50%.

There are currently over-normal electric motors, called high-performance motors, which have higher costs, but the energy savings provided will allow the additional cost to be offset. The rated output will depend on the design of the motor, varying with the load on the motor shaft.

The service factor simulates a power reserve that the motor has and can be used on a continuous basis. The power that is obtained from the motor is the rated power that is indicated on the board, which is multiplied by the service factor.

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The service factor should not be confused with the momentary overload of the electric motor, which is valid for short periods of time. An overload indication is: 60% of rated power for 15 seconds.

Even electric motors with service factor 1.0 have a certain overload capacity for a limited time.

Carros mais velozes do Brasil

Até há alguns canos atrás, era raro encontrar carros que ultrapassassem a marca dos 190 Km/h, mas com o desenvolvimento da indústria e a chegada de novos fabricantes vem mudando esse cenário.

O primeiro carro da lista e o mais veloz a circular pelas ruas brasileiras é o Nissan GT-R que pode ser comprado em lojas especializadas em carros Maringá importados. O modelo chega a 100 Km/h em 3,6 segundos atingindo a velocidade de 382 Km/h. Este carro de montadora japonesa sai por R$430 mil. Este valor é considerado bom, já que atinge a mesma velocidade que uma Ferrari 458 que custa R$1,5 milhão.

O segundo lugar é da BMW 320i Active Flex, atingindo a velocidade de 235 Km/h, equipado com propulsor 2.0 de 184 cavalos de potência. O sedã da série é o primeiro a ser montado no Brasil e atingiu o título de mais veloz nacional.

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Em seguida temos o Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet que atinge a marca de 206 Km/h, equipado com motor turbo 1.4 de 152 cavalos. É o melhor colocado da marca italiana, ficando sempre no topo da lista dos carros em Maringá nacionais mais velozes.

O ultimo colocado da nossa lista é a BMW X1 com 205 Km/h equipada com o mesmo conjunto mecânico dos modelos da série 3. Este modelo já é fabricado no Brasil desde novembro.