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Continuous Current Motors

The DC electric machine was for some time the most appropriate solution to problems in which it was essential to vary the speed during operation, and because of the simplicity to change the speed with this type of electric motor, which can be obtained by varying the continuous supply voltage or varying the intensity of the magnetic field. This has resulted in its widespread use in the past. In addition, in situations where only continuous power supplies were arranged, it was more feasible to use a DC machine than to convert DC to AC, using electric motors that are powered by an alternating current. skirtboard rubber

The DC machine has two main parts: the stator and the rotor. The stator and rotor are separated by the air gap. The stator is the part of the machine that is stationary, that is, has no movement. The rotor is the moving or rotating part. Both stator and rotor are built using ferromagnetic materials and it is necessary to increase the flow density and thereby decrease the size of the machine.


The correct specification of the electric motor for your application is the basic requirement for a long service life of the motor. However, it is not only this that will ensure the smooth operation. Correct installation, maintenance and operation are essential and when an electric motor is burned, the first provision to be made is to identify the cause of the burn by analyzing the damaged winding. It is essential that the cause of the burn is identified and eliminated in order to avoid possible new burnings of the engine.


Let us know some types of burnings of windings and possible causes, such as short between turns which is the failure of the wire insulation enamel; The short between phases is the failure of the insulation material; The short on the connection is the overheating of the connection due to bad contact; The short at the exit of the groove or short inside the groove are rapid oscillations in the supply voltage; The peak voltage when the motor driven by frequency inverter with incorrect parameters. The voltage unbalance are voltage oscillations in the phases; The locked rotor which is the excessive difficulty in starting the engine; Overheating due to very long and / or very fine power cables; the lack of phase two-phase burning (star) or burning of a phase (triangle) and burning of a phase of the power transformer.

Atualização da imobiliária

Imobiliária em Sorocaba que quer se destacar precisa se manter atualizada

A imobiliária que quer sempre estar à frente da concorrência, precisa buscar informações a fim de manter tanto os seus corretores quanto os seus clientes sempre a par de tudo o que circula dentro do mercado imobiliária e do mercado financeiro também.

Tal ação é de extrema importância, pois ao atender um cliente e o seu profissional se valer de informações desses mercados, pode ter certeza de que ele terá mais confiança na sua imobiliária, pois está tratando diretamente com um corretor que domina o mercado no qual atua.

melhor imobiliaria sorocaba

Para isso, a internet é uma fonte riquíssima de informação, pois matérias sobre esses assuntos saem na mídia todos os dias, mas não só isso, a sua imobiliária precisa participar de cursos, palestras, eventos e também encontros, pois eles servem tanto para trocar experiências como também para ter acesso a informações e mais conhecimento.

Safety and Handling

Electric motors have energized circuits, rotating components and hot surfaces, and in the period of their operation they can cause harm to people. Therefore, all activities related to its transportation, storage, installation, operation and maintenance should only be carried out by trained personnel. During installation and maintenance, the electric motors must be disconnected from the mains and extra care must be taken to avoid accidental starting.

Do not use hoisting eyebolts to suspend the motor in conjunction with other equipment, such as bases, pulleys, fans, pumps, reducers, etc., and eye bolts when damaged, cracked, deformed, should not be used. Professionals who work with electrical installations must use the correct tools and be trained to apply safety standards and regulations, including the need to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout the work. The devices intended for the locking of the shaft used for protection must be used in any and all transport of the motor, even if this requires the uncoupling of the driven machine. Lifting eyes in components such as covers, forced ventilation kit, and others, should only be used for lifting in an isolated manner and never with the complete engine BA36112.

Infográfico faz com que o seu cliente guarde informações importantes

Como um ser humano é um ser extremamente visual, ele consegue memorizar de forma muito mais fácil uma imagem do que uma frase que alguém disse, porque a imagem consegue atingir um lugarzinho na mente e mesmo que a foto conte com elementos textuais, a pessoa conseguirá lembrar dela.

Dessa forma, fica evidente que o cliente precisa de um infográfico enquanto sua imobiliária Mogi das Cruzes está no meio de uma negociação com ele, porque com a ajuda desse recurso, ele não só entende como também percebe a importância de cada uma das etapas.

imobiliaria mogi das cruzes

Sendo assim, o seu cliente consegue digerir todas as informações e assim cada uma delas ficará fresca e isso tende a fazer com que a negociação aconteça mais rapidamente, porque o seu colaborador não precisa ficar abordando a mesma temática diversas vezes, porque ele já entendeu o assunto, pois gravou em sua memória cada uma das imagens usadas.

Mechanical Force Components

Directly related to Newton’s three important laws, force refers to a phenomenon capable of overcoming the inertia of a body, and can change its speed, either in its magnitude or its direction, taking into account the fact that it is treated of a vector. In the same way as the corollary one can conclude that the force may even cause deformation in a flexible object. In this way, force consists of one of the fundamental concepts of classical mechanics.

The force is considered as a vector, being composed of two important components, which consists of magnitude and direction. It is worth remembering that Newton’s second law was originally formulated in subtly distinct though equivalent terms. This means that the original version of it ensures that the force acting on an object is similar to the time derivative of the linear instant of this object Bearing 61917Therefore, some fundamentals related to force are pressure, which is the division or distribution of force over the area; drag, which consists in reducing the speed of an object; and torque, which is the force that produces changes in the speed of rotation of an object.