Alignment of Engine and Elements

The alignment process between the electric motor and the driven machine is analyzed as one of the factors that most cooperate to prolong the life of the engine. In cases of misalignment between the couplings, the high loads have the function of decreasing the operation of the bearings, causing in this way several vibrations and, in the most extreme cases, may even cause the shaft to rupture. In the case of alignment being done by means of a laser instrument, the recommendations and instructions given by the manufacturer must be strictly followed.

In order to make a satisfactory alignment of the electric motor, it is necessary to invest in the use of correct components and devices, among them the comparator watch and specific laser alignment instruments, for example. The axis needs to be aligned axially and radially, with the machine axis driven and the value checked on dial indicators for alignment, must never exceed 0.03 mm, taking into account a complete rotation of the shaft. It is of the utmost importance that there is considerable clearance between the couplings so that the thermal expansion of the axles is feasible in accordance with the coupling manufacturer’s specification.