An engine protection levels with its digits

An electric motor beyond the normal care we need to have the engine, see as suitable electric current, know the correct voltage, storage place, the protection that the machine has to have is also essential, so that the engine comes with a description the degree of protection it present, and below relate some of them, with the first explanation is about the level of protection and the second which foreign body:

Number of number 1 – indicates protection against ingress of foreign bodies, and have over 50 mm dimensions

Number of number 2 – Indicates protection against the ingress of dimensions above 12 mm

Numeral number of 3 – Indicates protection against the entry of foreign bodies of dimensions greater than 2.5 mm see more on

Number of number 4 – Indicates protection against the ingress of sizes above 1.0 mm

Number of number 5 – Indicates protection against harmful dust accumulation of the engine

Number of number 6 – Totally protected against dust