Cooling of Three-Phase Transformers

At the moment the transformers are in operation, they may suffer a small loss that can manifest as heat. In this way, the higher the power consumed, the greater the heat output inside the transformer. Considering that the very high temperature can cause irreparable and irreversible damage to the operation of the transformer, it is extremely important that the temperature be kept within the recommended limits.

According to the current norms of ABNT, there are two types of cooling for different purposes. According to EB91 standard, the dry transformer consists of the transformer acme T253010S, in which all its cores, as well as their windings, are wrapped and properly cooled by ambient air. This group includes all medium and small transformers, as well as low power transformers, considering that in these, the heat exchange is carried out from the air. For transformers of this group that need more cooling, it is necessary to use suitable fans that allow air circulation. This process occurs in electronic devices, for example, in the case of microcomputers.