Electrical Components

When we talk about the reduction in the life of the motor, this should not be attributed to high temperatures, since when the insulation ends up being burnt, the winding is almost extinct at the same time. Thus, the durability of the insulation is based on the gradual aging of the insulation, which can dry out over time, losing its insulating action until it is no longer able to withstand the applied voltage, resulting in a short circuit.

It is considerable that, in order to guarantee a significantly higher resistance of an electrical component, we must employ thermal sensor qualities so that the retention of the winding can be correctly maintained.

The induction electric motor is a strong machine and its long service life changes according to the durability of the insulation of the winding, which can be modified by various factors, such as vibrations, humidity and corrosive environments, among others.

The most significant of these factors is the temperature that the insulating materials used can withstand and the elevation of up to ten degrees above the thermal class limit of the insulation temperature causes the winding life to be halved.