Electrical Loads and Current Intensity

It is worth mentioning that unlike what happens in the case of direct current connection, where the current is not able to circulate, there will always be a current circulating at the instant of loading and discharge of the capacitor component. Thus, the current intensity can vary according to two factors, they are the capacitor value and the frequency of the generator current.              CA30112L

In the case of the capacitor being smaller, the amount of electric charges that must be moved in order to charge the capacitor is relatively small and thus the current intensity will be considerably lower. The current intensity is completely proportional directly according to the value of the capacitor.

However, if the generator frequency is considerably higher, there will be a higher charge and discharge velocity of the capacitor, and by this fact, the movement of the loads should be higher. Thus, the current will be proportional to the frequency value. It is possible to imagine a capacitor as an element that has a resistance to the passage of an alternating current, although what happens is that there are no charges going through it.