Infográfico faz com que o seu cliente guarde informações importantes

Como um ser humano é um ser extremamente visual, ele consegue memorizar de forma muito mais fácil uma imagem do que uma frase que alguém disse, porque a imagem consegue atingir um lugarzinho na mente e mesmo que a foto conte com elementos textuais, a pessoa conseguirá lembrar dela.

Dessa forma, fica evidente que o cliente precisa de um infográfico enquanto sua imobiliária Mogi das Cruzes está no meio de uma negociação com ele, porque com a ajuda desse recurso, ele não só entende como também percebe a importância de cada uma das etapas.

imobiliaria mogi das cruzes

Sendo assim, o seu cliente consegue digerir todas as informações e assim cada uma delas ficará fresca e isso tende a fazer com que a negociação aconteça mais rapidamente, porque o seu colaborador não precisa ficar abordando a mesma temática diversas vezes, porque ele já entendeu o assunto, pois gravou em sua memória cada uma das imagens usadas.

Mechanical Force Components

Directly related to Newton’s three important laws, force refers to a phenomenon capable of overcoming the inertia of a body, and can change its speed, either in its magnitude or its direction, taking into account the fact that it is treated of a vector. In the same way as the corollary one can conclude that the force may even cause deformation in a flexible object. In this way, force consists of one of the fundamental concepts of classical mechanics.

The force is considered as a vector, being composed of two important components, which consists of magnitude and direction. It is worth remembering that Newton’s second law was originally formulated in subtly distinct though equivalent terms. This means that the original version of it ensures that the force acting on an object is similar to the time derivative of the linear instant of this object Bearing 61917Therefore, some fundamentals related to force are pressure, which is the division or distribution of force over the area; drag, which consists in reducing the speed of an object; and torque, which is the force that produces changes in the speed of rotation of an object.


Insulation Actions

It is very important to stress that the insulation systems found in electric motors are based directly on the proper joining of different insulating elements used in electrical components. Thus, the composition in an electric motor must occur through wire insulation enamel, groove bottom, groove closure insulation, insulation between phases, varnish and impregnation resin, insulation of the connecting cable and solder insulation EM2513T. Some other components that do not come into contact with the coil are not specified as an integral part of the insulation system.

It may be said then that the specification of any product of a specific thermal class does not properly mean that each insulating material used in its composition has the same thermal capacity. The maximum temperature limit in an insulation system should not be directly related to the thermal capacity of the materials used. In this way, independent of the system, the thermal performance of an element can be optimized through the protective specifications of some specific materials used with this material. Thus, the specification of an element of any thermal class does not state that each insulating material used in its construction has the same thermal class.

Types of Tubes

It is noteworthy that in order to ensure that the tubes can be molded to the soldering points and to the mooring of the coil head, they must be flexible. In electric motors, three types of tubes are used. They are: shrinkable polyester tube, tube with polyester weave coated with acrylic resin, and tube with fiberglass weave covered with silicone rubber. To ensure the effectiveness of some applications, such as submersible pumps, it is recommended that the cable also be chemically resistant to the pump oil. In this way, the flexible tubes have among their main functions to isolate and electrically cover the welds of the connections between the connection cable and the coil wires, as well as the other wires.

ac pump motors

In this way, it is worth mentioning that the coupling elements are designed rigorously from specific components, elastomeric insulation and always have to be of the same thermal class of the motor. These components have a high electrical resistance, which is coupled with the appropriate flexibility, so that simple handling can occur in the course of processes of extreme importance, such as manufacturing, maintenance and installation of the motor.

Financiamento da Caixa só permanece inalterado para imóveis novos

Financiamento da Caixa só permanece inalterado para imóveis novos. Quer saber mais? Entre em contato com a sua imobiliária de confiança!

Aqueles que querem comprar sua casa e que foram até uma imobiliária de Campinas em busca da realização desse sonho, devem saber que a Caixa Econômica Federal reduziu o seu teto. Antes, era possível financiar até 70% do valor, agora apenas 50% e essa regra está valendo desde setembro.

Essa é a segunda vez apenas nesse ano que a Caixa modifica, pois em agosto, o teto tinha caído de 80% para 70% e agora em setembro o valor caiu ainda mais. Esse é um grande impacto para as imobiliárias e para quem quer adquirir sua casa própria, pois só o banco concede no Brasil 68% de todo o crédito imobiliária.

Quem está querendo comprar ir até uma das imobiliarias em campinas para comprar imóveis novos não precisa se preocupar, pois nesse segmento o banco não fez nenhuma alteração. De acordo com o banco, está decisão foi tomada para que o mercado imobiliário permaneça aquecido.

Outro programa que ainda pode ser encontrado na Caixa é o Minha Casa, Minha Vida. No entanto, é preciso analisar com a ajuda de uma imobiliária, porque ele também sofreu alterações.

Value and Moment of Departure

A start is made with the engine warm, with the windings at regime temperature, simulating the case in which the first engine start is failed, for example, by the shutdown of the protection, thus allowing a second attempt to follow. The second condition occurs in the event of an accidental shutdown of the motor in normal operation, for example due to a lack of power in the network, allowing it to continue operation soon after the energy is restored. Therefore, due to the considerably high starting current of the induction motors, the time required in the acceleration of high inertia loads can result in the rapid raising of the temperature of the electric motor.

If the interval between successive starts is reduced, this factor can cause a considerable increase of excessive temperature in the winding, being able to damage or reduce its durability. The official standards lay down a minimum starting system (S1), which engines, regardless of their category, must be able to meet. Two successive departures, the first one being performed with the engine cold, that is, with its windings at room temperature, and the second following after the engine has decelerated until the moment of rest.

Application of the Soft-Starter Device

The main function of the soft-starter is to control the voltage across the motor by means of the power circuit, consisting of six SCRs, which can vary the firing angle of the motor, thus also varying the optimized voltage applied to the motor. In this way, it is possible to control the starting current of the motor, allowing a subtle start, so that it does not cause sudden electrical voltage drops in the mains, as in direct starters.

The soft-starter basically consists of an electronic device formed by thyristor-type bridges in the anti-parallel configuration, which are gradually driven by an electronic board, which is intended to control and optimize the starting current of three-phase AC motors LHB08100099. Its use is common in centrifugal pumps, fans and motors of high power, in which the application does not need the variation of speed.

This device usually operates from a technology called by-pass, which after the electric motor starts and receives all the mains voltage must be connected a contactor, which will be able to replace the thyristor modules, thus avoiding possible overheating of the same.


Principles of Thermistors

Thermistors consist of components made from semiconductor elements, in which their resistance varies significantly with temperature. PTC refers to the positive temperature coefficient and NTC, in the negative temperature coefficient.

Thermistors, together with their respective electronic control electronics, can provide complete protection against overheating caused by phase failure, overload or overvoltages and reversal operations. The PTC thermistor indicates increased resistance with increasing temperature and some can be characterized by this sudden rise, which makes them very useful in devices intended to protect against overheating.

self aligning bearings

In this way, the NTC thermistor presents the reduction of the resistance with the elevation of the temperature, normally not being used in electric motors. The variation in the resistance interrupts the current in the PTC, being able to activate an output device, responsible for turning off the main circuit. In such situations, two thermistors are required, which must be connected in series, per phase. The thermistors count on a smaller size, do not suffer mechanical wear and have a more responsive response to other detectors.

Cooling of Three-Phase Transformers

At the moment the transformers are in operation, they may suffer a small loss that can manifest as heat. In this way, the higher the power consumed, the greater the heat output inside the transformer. Considering that the very high temperature can cause irreparable and irreversible damage to the operation of the transformer, it is extremely important that the temperature be kept within the recommended limits.

According to the current norms of ABNT, there are two types of cooling for different purposes. According to EB91 standard, the dry transformer consists of the transformer acme T253010S, in which all its cores, as well as their windings, are wrapped and properly cooled by ambient air. This group includes all medium and small transformers, as well as low power transformers, considering that in these, the heat exchange is carried out from the air. For transformers of this group that need more cooling, it is necessary to use suitable fans that allow air circulation. This process occurs in electronic devices, for example, in the case of microcomputers.

Series or Universal Engine

The field winding is driven in series with the armature winding and the field strength will vary with changes in the armature current. If your speed is reduced by a load, the series engine will develop more torque. Its starting torque is higher than those of other types of direct current electric motors.

The field winding is driven in parallel with that of the armature and the field strength is considered independent of the armature current. Shunt-type motor speed only depends on changes in load and starting torque is lower than other types of DC motors T2535173S.

It is used in cases where it is desired to have a constant speed for a variable load, being possible to start the engine with a very light load or without load. This type of motor is widely used in speed control system in the independent excitation configuration, thus, the field winding is driven in series with the armature and another in parallel.


Most Used Engines in Industry

The electric squirrel cage type motor is the most used in the industry today. They have many advantages, among them, it is possible to emphasize the lowest cost, when compared to single-phase motors, and not only in their construction, but also in their use. It is important to note that in choosing the ideal start-up method, this engine will present a much wider range of applications.

The squirrel cage rotor basically consists of a core of ferromagnetic sheets, which are isolated from each other, in which are placed some aluminum bars, arranged parallel to each other, and joined at their ends by two conducting rings.

The motor stator is also formed by a ferromagnetic core laminated in its cavities, in which are placed the windings fed by the network of three-phase alternating current.

The main advantage of this rotor that can be emphasized is with reference to the coiled rotor MVM5450c, which results in that the construction of the armature is faster, more practical and economical. The conductor bars of the cage are generally inserted with a necessary inclination so as to avoid the vibrations and noises which may result in the electromagnetic action between the teeth of the stator and rotor cavities.

The Classification of Insulation

The American National Association Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has established insulation classes to meet the temperature requirements of electric motors found in different operating environments. It also standardized an ambient temperature of 40 ° C or 104 ° F within an altitude range defined for all classes of electric motors.

Vibration Rating: it is the maximum vibration that the motor can withstand and still meet the operational specifications.

Dust protection: protects against dust infiltration with features such as full-face sealing and labyrinth seals. The IP rating (input protection) for dustproof motors is IP6x.

baldor ECP3584T

Explosion Proof: They have fully enclosed housings that are built to withstand the internal explosion of a particular gas, vapor or dust. In the event of such an explosion, the casing would prevent ignition or explosion of the gas or vapor surrounding the engine compartment. Several explosion-proof ratings are governed by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL).

Fully closed: they have a lock that prevents the free exchange of air between the indoor and outdoor environment. Common ratings are fan cooled and non-ventilated

Description of the Protection Circuit

The protection circuit comprises two protections: undervoltage and overcurrent. Overcurrent protection is intended to protect the circuit (especially the IGBTs – but also the tracks, connectors, power source) which are theoretically dangerous countercurrents and which generally indicate inadequate system operation (short circuit, Attempt to break the engine at high speeds, etc.).

The operation is based on the measurement of the voltage in resistors installed in series in the circuit (called “shunt”). The measured signal is amplified by op-amps and later equated with a reference set by the user. When the measured current exceeds the reference, the comparator changes state and the protection is preserved activated by the action of a flip-flop, until the user restarts the protection.

TDLT0750XM Transformer Disconnects

Because overcurrent protection is performed via hardware and fast components, it acts very quickly and efficiently. The adjustment of the actuation current is carried out by the user through a trimpot.

Once the limit is exceeded, in either arm of the inverter, the protection will act in a few microseconds. This protection works in addition to thermal protection.


The synchronous electric motor, because it allows the adjustment of its power factor through the excitation, simultaneously activates a mechanical load on its axis (granting active power – W), it can also grant or absorb reactive power (VAr) to the system where it is connected . And with this can be applied to the correction of the power factor of this installation. A specific application of the synchronous motor in power generation and distribution systems is the Synchronous Compensator.

The Synchronous Compensator is a synchronous, grid – connected, synchronous motor (no mechanical load on the W – axis), replacing only reactive power (VAr – both capacitive and inductive) with the system.

This probability of variation of the reactive power transferred or absorbed from the Synchronous Compensator to the network, in the same way as in the synchronous motor, is also performed by means of actuation in the motor excitation.

In the Synchronous Compensator, the motor only consumes a small portion of the active power (W), the minimum to supply its internal losses (friction, ventilation, heating, etc.), since there is no mechanical load being driven by the shaft. And by means of the excitation it changes reactive power with the point of the system where it is connected.

The Spins of the Electric Motor

Espira is a type of electrical circuit that has several functions in the production of magnetic field, electricity and mechanical energy and is a component of electric power generators, electric motors, transformers, inductors and various other devices.

When the loop has the opposite pole to the magnet it is attached to, the force will be of attraction and the movement of the loop will be damped and may result in the end of the movement.

The electric current is a flow of electrons circulating through a conductor, when between its ends there is a potential difference and this difference is called voltage.

Morse 2361269 32B-2 10 FT

Resistance is the ease or difficulty with which the electric current passes through a conductor. The three concepts of current, voltage and resistance are related to each other, so that by knowing two of them, one can calculate the third through Ohm’s Law.

To avoid stopping the electric motor, we use one end of the fully scraped loop, where the current will pass, and the other half scraped, so that the current only passes through it, causing the loop to move, because of the magnetic force Of repulsion between magnets.

Yield and Service Factor

The maximum performance that the electric motor will present will depend on the materials used in its manufacture and the dimensions of the same. In general, the yield reaches values ​​around 98% for large engines. Low-power single-phase motors have low yields, up to 50%.

There are currently over-normal electric motors, called high-performance motors, which have higher costs, but the energy savings provided will allow the additional cost to be offset. The rated output will depend on the design of the motor, varying with the load on the motor shaft.

The service factor simulates a power reserve that the motor has and can be used on a continuous basis. The power that is obtained from the motor is the rated power that is indicated on the board, which is multiplied by the service factor.

industrial wastewater evaporator

The service factor should not be confused with the momentary overload of the electric motor, which is valid for short periods of time. An overload indication is: 60% of rated power for 15 seconds.

Even electric motors with service factor 1.0 have a certain overload capacity for a limited time.

Carros mais velozes do Brasil

Até há alguns canos atrás, era raro encontrar carros que ultrapassassem a marca dos 190 Km/h, mas com o desenvolvimento da indústria e a chegada de novos fabricantes vem mudando esse cenário.

O primeiro carro da lista e o mais veloz a circular pelas ruas brasileiras é o Nissan GT-R que pode ser comprado em lojas especializadas em carros Maringá importados. O modelo chega a 100 Km/h em 3,6 segundos atingindo a velocidade de 382 Km/h. Este carro de montadora japonesa sai por R$430 mil. Este valor é considerado bom, já que atinge a mesma velocidade que uma Ferrari 458 que custa R$1,5 milhão.

O segundo lugar é da BMW 320i Active Flex, atingindo a velocidade de 235 Km/h, equipado com propulsor 2.0 de 184 cavalos de potência. O sedã da série é o primeiro a ser montado no Brasil e atingiu o título de mais veloz nacional.

carros usados maringa

Em seguida temos o Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet que atinge a marca de 206 Km/h, equipado com motor turbo 1.4 de 152 cavalos. É o melhor colocado da marca italiana, ficando sempre no topo da lista dos carros em Maringá nacionais mais velozes.

O ultimo colocado da nossa lista é a BMW X1 com 205 Km/h equipada com o mesmo conjunto mecânico dos modelos da série 3. Este modelo já é fabricado no Brasil desde novembro.

Three-Phase Rotor Induction Motor Squirrel Cage

Of the various types of electric motors available, the most economical is the three-phase squirrel-cage rotor induction motor, capable of using 95% of its total power consumption to generate motive power.

For three-phase electric motors rated power is the electrical energy that the motor absorbs from the mains, transforming it into mechanical energy at the tip of the shaft. The inductance, because it is an inductive and resistive load, will absorb an “apparent” power, that is, one portion of current will provide useful power (kW) and the other portion will serve for magnetization, called reactive power (kvar).

The induction motor acme t2a533401s has in its rotor what we call a squirrel cage, in which the action of the force exerted by the rotating field induces a current that will provoke its impulsion.

The characteristics of this engine depend directly on the shape of the cage, which can have various configurations and conductivity.

  • Aluminum (most used today);
  • Copper;
  • The rotor that can be formed by two overlapping cages, independent or not;
  • The groove shapes that define the behavior of the torque with the speed.

These characteristics are inherent to each type of motor and define its behavior as an electromotive machine.

Atendimento personalizado também pela internet

Antigamente para se montar uma imobiliária, bastava apenas ter conhecimento em imóveis, algumas leis e pronto.

Mais hoje em dia é bem diferente, as imobiliárias do Brasil contratam, além de seus funcionários normais, o corretor de imóvel e advogados, eles contratam também um profissional que seja capaz de tomar conta da imobiliária na internet, isso mesmo, alguém que fique somente a disposição de clientes virtuais.

Se uma imobiliária está disposta a entrar no mercado virtual, ela precisa ter disponibilidade para atender os clientes, até porque a concorrência é grande.

Uma boa opção é a imobiliária ter uma pagina no Facebook e fazer a sua divulgação por lá que é de graça. Entretanto, se sua imobiliária quer fazer a diferença, não basta manter uma página em redes sociais sem ter o profissionalismo de um site com todas as informações dos imóveis disponíveis, se você não tem estrutura para atender as dúvidas do cliente, sua empresa já sai perdendo, pois quando um cliente se dispõe a comprar um imóvel, ele quer saber se a empresa possui financiamento, quais as condições que a imobiliária oferece, quais as documentações, entre outras perguntas. E se isso não for esclarecido a tempo a imobiliária poderá perder a venda.

Types of problems in the electric motor

Know what can cause problem in low maximum torque or high current to empty the electric motor

How is a device composed of several parts, the electric motor may have the most varied problems in various locations and the causes can also be the most diverse.

When the electric motor provides maximum low torque, the electric motor can be with your failed or also decentralized rotor, the rotor is with tilt bar that is above the specified, the electric motor voltage is below the nominal or the capacitor operates permanently below the specified.


When the electric motor, in turn, presents the problem in the current high-load, the problem may be in the air gap which is above the specified voltage can also be above the specified frequency below specified, the internal connection was made wrong, the rotor is dragging or decentralized, the bearing may be defective or covers much pressure or poorly fitted, the plates are magnetic are untreated, permanent capacitor is outside the specified or platinum / centrifugal not open.

Cardápio variado no buffet infantil

Cardápio variado é uma ótima opção para agradar todos os convidados da festa no buffet infantil

Por mais que o buffet infantil moema ou qualquer outro buffet se encarregue de fazer tudo, alguns cuidados são importantes de serem analisados, pois as festas infantis exigem atenção e muito trabalho.

O buffet infantil é o grande responsável por saber a quantidade de comida que irá servir para os convidados, pois o contratante fornecerá uma lista com a quantidade de convidados. A questão do horário da festa no buffet infantil é que influencia na hora de montar o cardápio, pois o que é servido na hora do almoço é bem diferente do que é servido no jantar.

buffet infantil moema

A opção de comida é uma boa dica para satisfazer todos os convidados da festa no buffet infantil. Além de refrigerante, é importante servir sucos para as crianças e não apenas salgados fritos, mas salgados assados também, pois alguns pais podem não querer que os filhos comam apenas fritura e uma opção de salada e massa para os adultos.

Cor neutra é a melhor opção para imóveis que serão colocados para serem vendidos por uma imobiliária

A cor neutra sempre será a melhor opção para aqueles que estão construindo, mas que logo depois que o imóvel estiver pronto ele for colocado à disposição em uma imobiliária Bauru para ser negociado.

Por mais que o proprietário goste de uma parede de tijolos ou em tons vibrantes, a melhor escolha é sempre ir às cores mais básicas, pois como o imóvel ficará na imobiliária, pode ser que o interessado não goste de nada muito ousado.

portao imoveis a imobiliaria de bauru e regiao

Usar cores neutras não significa que todos os imóveis devem necessariamente ser pintados de branco, pois ele todo em branco dará ao local um aspecto frio, mas mesclar os tons nude e bege pode trazer ao local um ar de aconchego e isso fará com que o possível comprador levado pela imobiliária se encante mais rapidamente pelo local.

Single-phase electric motor operates at 127 or 220 volts

The single phase electric motor has been standardized in Brazil and so the voltage is always 127 or 220 and are connected in two stages and also by a phase and neutral. When connected several single-phase electric motors to the three-phase system care should be taken to distribute the voltage equally so that no load imbalance between the three phases.

Called MRT, the electric motor baldor 2016 single phase with return by land, it is a system in which the land is the source of the return conductor of the load current. Depending on the electrical system that exists and soil characteristics where the electric motor will be installed will:

Monofilar a system that is more economical and practical version of the MRT and you can only use the MRT if the output of the source substation is a grounded star. The system monofilar with electric motor insulation transformer single phase has disadvantages, and these disadvantages is the use of the transformer.

Finally, the MRT system of partial neutral version of the electric motor is mostly used in areas where the soil is of high resistivity.

Critérios usados pelo corretor da imobiliária Bauru na hora de avaliar um imóvel

As pessoas que estão vendendo um imóvel ou comprando tendem a ficar meio preocupadas com o preço que irão receber ou que terão que pagar pelo imóvel. Para evitar que essa dúvida surja, o ideal é contratar o corretor da imobiliária Bauru, pois ele está apto a realizar uma avaliação ideal do imóvel.

A localização da casa ou do apartamento imoveis bauru é o primeiro item a ser observado pelo corretor da imobiliária Bauru na hora de avaliar o imóvel e isso não está restrito apenas ao bairro, mas a infraestrutura que compõe o local com padarias e escolas.

O posicionamento do apartamento em relação ao sol e, ainda, a altura que o apartamento está localizado no prédio também são fatores que pesam durante a avaliação realizada pelo corretor da imobiliária Bauru.

O estado de conservação do imóvel e o acabamento dele são avaliados em segundo lugar pelo corretor da imobiliária Bauru. A idade do imóvel é levada em consideração, e o acabamento da fachada também interferem no preço.

É fato que os imóveis que estão mais bem conservados causam uma melhor impressão e por esse motivo o corretor da imobiliária Bauru avaliará com um maior valor de venda.

Electric motor and its importance in industries

In the industry and where more is done using electric motors and the most commonly used types are those squirrel cage induction motors. Over time these engines were achieved through innovations and be present in other types of processes, not only in industry. lkg plug mro supply

The function of this motor is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, in that it can offer a more affordable cost for the daily industrial processes. Electric motor is very important to the industry because it is an effective and economical equipment.

Because it is an economical and easy to use equipment most industries still using the same. Companies developing household equipment also began to use this engine in their products.

Today the electric motor innovated so much that there are several types and models for different end applications. The important thing is to find the one engine that will serve the operation of your process or equipment.

Qual o prazo para se desfazer um negocio de compra ou venda de carro usado nas formas da lei

O prazo que citaremos abaixo se trata quando um veículo apresentar um vicio oculto, ou seja aquele vicio que a primeira vista não se sabe. A loja de carros usados em Bauru tem que estar a par da Lei e fazer o que ela determina

Uma vez que constado o vicio oculto, o comprador tem o prazo de 30 dias para solicitar o desfazimento do contrato ou abatimento do preço, não observando esse prazo, o comprador não tera mais direito de desfazer o negocio. O código de Defesa do Consumidor, estabeleceu como forma de impedir a responsabilidade para sempre do vendedor pelos vícios ocultos, o Codigo estabeleceu um prazo limite de 180 dias para que essa constatação seja apontado.

Fique atento ao contrato de compra, pois se nele houver clausulas como “ no estado em que se encontra” carros primofiat bauru, não poderá  o comprador reclamar de qualquer problema que apresente, pois fica claro que quem comprou o carro sabia que poderia ter defeito.


Some examples of where we find the engine

Describe some examples of where we find the electric motor in everyday life, incredible as it seems there is electric motor in every part of our home, here are some examples of where we find them, what equipment they need it to function. In every room of the house we see something with engine:

 Within the hood over the stove

 Inside the microwave

 Churn Within

 Inside the can opener

 Inside oven clock

 Inside the dryer

 Within the Vacuum Cleaner

 Within the electric saw

 In chainsaw

 The electric drill best marathon pieces

 Inside the hair dryer

 Within the electric shaver

 Power windows car and there are an electric motor for each car window

 Inside the car heater fans

 Within the radiator in a car engine

 In windshield wipers

 Inside the fridge there are two or three electric motors, one motor compressor, a motor to the fan inside the refrigerator.

Separe ao menos um dia da semana para comer o que gosta

Não precisa ser radical, para que sua dieta não se torne um martírio, foque na sua meta, faca de tudo para perder barriga rápido sem perder a saúde. alimentação e barriga

Todos nos temos vontades a serem saciadas, por isso você pode  esporadicamente consumir o que te dá prazer, ou seja o mais importante é consumir o que realmente se gosta e não só comer porque tem a comida disponível ou ainda porque esta indo a um evento, seja seletivo e evite abusos.

A água antes de se alimentar é muito importante, por isso a barriga ficara menos inchada se você conseguir consumir um copo de água ao menos 20 minutos antes de comer as principais refeições, isso lhe da uma sensação de saciedade maior, mas evite beber muito água para não causar um atraso na digestão.

Então não beba durante as refeições, esse é um péssimo habito faz com que o conteúdo ácido do estômago seja diluído, causando assim um atraso na digestão, aumento assim o volume no estomago aumentando a barriga.

How the methodology works to teach about electric motor

The methods as studies on electric motor are designed, aims to study and explain some important topics, listed below

  • The importance of replacement of engines
  • The importance of the current internal combustion to use an electric motor;
  • Internal and external parts of an electric motor and its operation
  • What can be done to increase the efficiency of an electric motor
  • Examples of machines that use electric motor
  • Each motor power supply type baldor eletric motors

If you know or at least study these topics mentioned above, you will already know a lot about electric motor, and even if you do not work it at least had been aware of the risks and how to care better motor so it has long service life.

The engine and electro mechanical equipment that currently already being used by many electro domestic, toy, electronics devices, radios, car stereos other entity, these engines have the potential hardly tapped for some cars being manufactured in marketplace.

An engine protection levels with its digits

An electric motor beyond the normal care we need to have the engine, see as suitable electric current, know the correct voltage, storage place, the protection that the machine has to have is also essential, so that the engine comes with a description the degree of protection it present, and below relate some of them, with the first explanation is about the level of protection and the second which foreign body:

Number of number 1 – indicates protection against ingress of foreign bodies, and have over 50 mm dimensions

Number of number 2 – Indicates protection against the ingress of dimensions above 12 mm

Numeral number of 3 – Indicates protection against the entry of foreign bodies of dimensions greater than 2.5 mm see more on

Number of number 4 – Indicates protection against the ingress of sizes above 1.0 mm

Number of number 5 – Indicates protection against harmful dust accumulation of the engine

Number of number 6 – Totally protected against dust

To examine the basic components of an electric motor

To examine the basic components of an electric motor, we need to understand what causes the motor to rotate and the different types of motor. For this we must take advantage of the concepts already known about magnets, magnetic forces and sobrea force between them, you should also know about the action of magnetic fields on the chains, among others, and if necessary check on the important relationships that exist between electricity and magnetism.

When you are studying on an electric motor it is important that in the first part, most basic, are seen just the concept of repulsion and attraction between magnetic poles, when you know a little about it there you can safely move on to a second part which is more advanced where it should study about the engine is the concept of the action of magnetic fields on the energy currents.

No need to be an expert to understand engine and see the basic components of each, just as attention to voltage and correct numbering.

O mercado imobiliário em 2015

As Imobiliárias de Presidente Prudente, fizeram uma pesquisa do que aconteceu no mercado ano passado. E chegaram a conclusão que o mercado estava estável.


No ano passado, o mercado estava como uma balança, não teve muitos ganhos e também não teve muitas perdas.

Já esse ano, a situação está um pouco diferente, a inflação está crescendo com expectativa para 7%, e isso acaba deixando os empresários atentos e preocupados, pois com a inflação a clientela pode acabar diminuindo, as vendas podem acabar decrescendo, consequentemente a tendência do consumo é cair.

lp-cc-1 2015

Mas as Imobiliárias de Presidente Prudente dizem que para não se prejudicar, basta não se preocupar, permanecer empreendedor, tentar procurar outros caminhos, pois desse jeito terão mais chance de obter êxito.

Uma hora o mercado vai voltar para a balança novamente, e quem estiver no caminho certo é que vai ser recompensado, por isso é importante permanecer sempre de cabeça erguida, e permanecer sempre tentando crescer, pois tudo tem uma hora ruim. Mas nem sempre essa hora ruim permanece por muito tempo.

É isso que as Imobiliárias de Presidente Prudente estão fazendo, e dão essas dicas para você não perder as esperanças e continuar no caminho certo.

Saiba mais sobre esteróides anabolizantes

Os anabolizantes são feitos de material sintético similar à testosterona. O uso dessas drogas para aumentar a massa muscular, bem como seus efeitos colaterais, tem sido amplamente discutido.

A testosterona é responsável por produzir dois resultados no corpo: um efeito androgênico, influenciando nas características sexuais dos homens; e o efeito anabólico, que influencia no aumento da massa muscular, recuperação dos músculos, força e controle da gordura corporal. Ainda não há um esteróide que seja 100% anabólico e 0% androgênico.

O efeito anabólico envolve os seguintes efeitos: aumento da capacidade do corpo de utilizar a proteína, aumento da capacidade de desenvolvimento de massa muscular, aumento da força, aumento da resistência e ação anti-inflamatória. Note que o uso dessas drogas não irá promover por si só o crescimento de massa muscular sem treino e dieta apropriados. Aprenda a escolher suplementos para massa muscular.

Efeitos colaterais também fazem parte do resultado, dentre eles encontramos: calvície, hipertrofia da próstata, acne, agressividade, hipertensão, aumento do colesterol, ginecomastia, virilização em mulheres, limitação do crescimento, impotência, esterilidade, dores de cabeça, insônia, hepatotoxidade, problemas em tendões e ligamentos.

O uso de anabolizantes não é recomendado. É completamente possível obter bons resultados em ganho de massa muscular sem o uso deles. Nos Estados Unidos existem diversos bodybuilders naturais, que incentivam as pessoas a obterem crescimento muscular sem o uso dessas drogas. Com o uso de técnicas corretas nos treinos e uma alimentação saudável e com os nutrientes corretos, os resultados aparecem, e o melhor, mantendo sempre a saúde.