Some examples of where we find the engine

Describe some examples of where we find the electric motor in everyday life, incredible as it seems there is electric motor in every part of our home, here are some examples of where we find them, what equipment they need it to function. In every room of the house we see something with engine:

 Within the hood over the stove

 Inside the microwave

 Churn Within

 Inside the can opener

 Inside oven clock

 Inside the dryer

 Within the Vacuum Cleaner

 Within the electric saw

 In chainsaw

 The electric drill best marathon pieces

 Inside the hair dryer

 Within the electric shaver

 Power windows car and there are an electric motor for each car window

 Inside the car heater fans

 Within the radiator in a car engine

 In windshield wipers

 Inside the fridge there are two or three electric motors, one motor compressor, a motor to the fan inside the refrigerator.