Starting Methods

As far as possible, it is advisable and of paramount importance that the starting of the electric motor can be carried out directly, that is, at full voltage. reelcraft DP7650 OLP This is the simplest method that exists, however, it is feasible only in case the starter current does not have the ability to affect your mains.

Therefore, it is very important that the current standards of the electric utility are strictly followed and respected.

In cases where the starting current of the motor is too high, some consequence may occur, such as a high voltage drop in the mains supply system, causing an interference in the equipment installed in this system and also the oversizing of the protection system, in the case of cables and contactors, which will increase the installation costs.

Due to the problems mentioned, if direct starting is not possible, it is worth using the indirect starting method compatible with the load and the motor voltage, in order to reduce the starting current. When using a starting method with reduced voltage, the starting torque of the motor will consequently be reduced.