The Spins of the Electric Motor

Espira is a type of electrical circuit that has several functions in the production of magnetic field, electricity and mechanical energy and is a component of electric power generators, electric motors, transformers, inductors and various other devices.

When the loop has the opposite pole to the magnet it is attached to, the force will be of attraction and the movement of the loop will be damped and may result in the end of the movement.

The electric current is a flow of electrons circulating through a conductor, when between its ends there is a potential difference and this difference is called voltage.

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Resistance is the ease or difficulty with which the electric current passes through a conductor. The three concepts of current, voltage and resistance are related to each other, so that by knowing two of them, one can calculate the third through Ohm’s Law.

To avoid stopping the electric motor, we use one end of the fully scraped loop, where the current will pass, and the other half scraped, so that the current only passes through it, causing the loop to move, because of the magnetic force Of repulsion between magnets.