To make your painting work, you need to study and make a composition, a sketch.

Exterior painting newton
It won’t be brilliant, but you may be surprised. Even if you
think you know a painting very well, you will never know until
you have to draw it. You never know the subject before you
paint it, you need to get involved and focus.
To create a color harmony, you need to understand
how soft some colors really are, even if at first
glance they look shiny. And it is difficult when you
are a beginner because you do not have as many
necessary skills.
In my opinion, it is much easier to understand how great
paintings work and then use these painting principles to
create your own paintings .
At a music show, have you heard? ” P l a y R a u l ! ” it means that
practically all rock bands know how to play some music by
Raul Seixas, Legião Urbana and so on.
Why am I saying this? Because every musician first “copies”
his musician or his favorite music and only after much study
do they create their own music.
Once I start getting results, I find it much easier to start
experimenting with more colors.

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