Types of problems in the electric motor

Know what can cause problem in low maximum torque or high current to empty the electric motor

How is a device composed of several parts, the electric motor may have the most varied problems in various locations and the causes can also be the most diverse.

When the electric motor provides maximum low torque, the electric motor can be with your failed or also decentralized rotor, the rotor is with tilt bar that is above the specified, the electric motor voltage is below the nominal or the capacitor operates permanently below the specified.


When the electric motor, in turn, presents the problem in the current high-load, the problem may be in the air gap which is above the specified voltage can also be above the specified frequency below specified, the internal connection was made wrong, the rotor is dragging or decentralized, the bearing may be defective or covers much pressure or poorly fitted, the plates are magnetic are untreated, permanent capacitor is outside the specified or platinum / centrifugal not open.