Consequently, the restaurant ends up being reserved only for special occasions.

Italian restaurants in roswell
Therefore, consider adding a section of shareable dishes to your menu and
encourage customers to experience this creative trend full of variety. There is
nothing more frustrating than visiting a restaurant that offers menus with various
Portuguese errors. Be very careful with the way you describe the dishes and
drinks on your menu, to avoid “scaring” your customers with silly mistakes.
This care is also for those who choose to offer a menu in another language –
always check with a specialist if the phrases and words are spelled correctly.
Do you want to increase your restaurant’s sales through the menu? Diversify
the menu to suit special groups, such as allergy sufferers, lactose intolerants,
vegetarians, vegans and lovers of the fitness lifestyle.
Dedicate a category on the menu to each of them:
• Vegans: foods without the addition of any kind of animal products;
• Vegetarians: it is allowed to use ingredients that do not include the
slaughter of the animal, such as milk and ungrooved egg;
• Lactose intolerant: products without milk or with lactose
• Gluten free: both celiacs and lovers of healthy food will love this
section on the menu;
• Allergic: contemplate the main allergies, such as egg, seafood, wheat
and nuts.

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